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"CBI Advisors is positioned to help buyers locate and evaluate prospective sellers and connect sellers with qualified buyers"
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Commonly Asked Questions
Our primary goal is a successful transaction where both the Buyer's and Seller's needs are met, resulting in a larger stronger entity.
What is the difference between a Merger and Acquisition?
Although they are often uttered in the same breath, the terms 'merger' and 'acquisition' mean slightly different things. When one company takes over another and clearly establishes itself as the singular owner, the purchase is called an acquisition. A merger happens when two firms agree to go forward as a single new company rather than remain separately owned and operated.
Why Use a Mergers & Acquisitions Firm?
The primary reason companies use an M&A Firm to buy or sell a company is fundamental. Buyers looking to acquire or merge with another company do not know how to find sellers. Sellers generally do not have a way of marketing their company to qualified buyers. An M&A Firm makes it possible for buyers and sellers to find each other and connect by providing a network of relationships built by M&A professionals.

In addition, M&A firms have experience in consulting, advice, support, guidance and negotiations, helping buyers and sellers avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Because the relationships between the buyer and seller have already been established by the M&A Firm, the seller has help pre-qualifying prospective buyers, and the buyer saves a lot of time finding the ideal seller.
Why use an M&A Firm that specializes in Architectural Engineering Building Design Industry?

For the past 30+ years, CBI Group has worked with industry professionals in the Architectural Engineering Building Design Industry. As a professional search and recruiting firm CBI Group has established a vast network of professional relationships with industry professionals and business owners. We are positioned to help buyers locate and evaluate prospective sellers and connect sellers with qualified buyers.
Are all M&A Firms the same?
The basic model is similar with most firms. Buyers and sellers connect through a vast network established by the M&A Firm. M&A Professionals have experience with valuation and negotiations. Some M&A firms, however, specialize in a particular industry or group of related industries.

Dealing with an industry-specific M&A Firm has a key advantage. These firms are familiar with the professional nuances usually associated with a specific industry. Industry-specific knowledge benefits both the buyer and seller before, during and after negotiations.

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